The PSX maintains its downtrend: BRIndex100 continues to decline

KARACHI: The Pakistan Stock Exchange remained under pressure on Thursday and closed on a negative note due to sales in various sectors.

BRIndex100 lost 36.29 points or 0.75% to close at 4,821.13 points. The BRIndex-100 hit an intraday high of 4,889.23 and an intraday low of 4,815.68 points. Volumes amounted to 299,464 million shares.

BRIndex30 fell 445.17 points or 1.74% to close at 25,088.03 points with sales of 169.114 million shares.

The KSE-100 index plunged 376.93 points or 0.83% and closed at 44,929.61 points. Trading activity remained weak as daily volumes on the loan meter declined to 328.935 million shares from 387.908 million shares traded on Wednesday.

Foreign investors also remained net sellers of stocks valued at $ 541,134. The total market capitalization decreased by 65 billion rupees to 7,834 billion rupees. Out of a total of 390 active scripts, 276 closed in negative and only 92 in positive while the value of 22 shares remained unchanged.

Ghani Glo. Hol was the volume leader with 36.375 million shares and rose by Rs 2.32 to close at Rs 33.37, followed by TRG Pak which fell by Rs 1.59 to close at Rs 171.63 with 30.209 million actions. Sapphire Textile and AKD Capital were the main winners, increasing by Rs 55.16 and Rs 29.27 respectively to close at Rs 969.99 and Rs 480.77 while Bata Pak and Pak Suzuki were the main losers, falling by Rs 99.99 and Rs 25.39 respectively to close at Rs 1800.00 and Rs. 313.17.

The BR Automobile Assembler index plunged 199.32 points or 2.21% to close at 8,821.26 points with total sales of 2.414 million shares.

The BR Cement index fell 105.47 points or 1.47% to close at 7,051.25 points with 14.328 million shares.

The BR Commercial Banks index gained 74.8 points or 0.86% to close at 8,754.53 points with 26.446 million shares.

The BR Power Generation and Distribution index fell 64.52 points or 1.18% to close at 5,394.89 points with 9.297 million shares.

The BR Oil and Gas index lost 68.35 points or 1.74% to close at 3,854.55 points with 9.057 million shares.

BR Tech. & Comm. The index closed at 3,976.05 points, down 64.95 points or 1.61% to 84.758 million shares.

An analyst from Arif Habib Limited said that concern over the increase in corona cases and the incidence in major cities thereof also confused investors on the second day, where despite the good results published by the companies announced, the index ultimately fell by 424 points during the session. and at the close, the index was down 377 points.

The E&P, Cement and Steel scripts contributed the most to the decline, while banking sector stocks recovered. Notable scripts reporting the results include ENGRO and UBL, which made the announcement at the start of the session that included the declaration of dividends, however, the selling pressure pushed down stock prices by the end of the session.

The sectors contributing to performance are E&P (-94 points), Cement (-79 points), Textiles (-55 points), Technology (-45 points) and Automotive (-34 points).

The stocks that made a positive contribution to the index are UBL (up 56 points), HBL (up 45 points), ENGRO (up 27 points), BAFL (up 11 points) and BAHL (up 8 point increase). Stocks that contributed negatively include OGDC (down 40 points), MCB (down 29 points), PPL (down 26 points), SYS (down 25 points) and LUCK (down 20 points) ).

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