Taiwanese actor Peter Ho to close spa amid Covid-19 pandemic drop in business, Entertainment News & Top Stories

The coronavirus pandemic has affected many businesses, and those run by celebrities are not spared either.

Taiwanese actor-director Peter Ho will close his spa at the end of June due to a huge drop in guest numbers.

Ho, 44, opened Hydro Mode, which offers facials and massages, to great fanfare in November 2016. He is the majority shareholder of the spa.

Ho is known for playing swordsman Yan Shisan in the film Sword Master (2016), directed by Derek Yee and based on martial arts novelist Gu Long’s novel, The Sword of the Third Young Master. He also starred in the Chinese television series Three Kingdoms (2010) and in the romantic film The Truth About Jane And Sam (1999) with Singaporean actress Fann Wong.

He has focused on directing in recent years and is currently directing the Who’s By Your Side mystery series, which stars Vivian Hsu, Kaiser Chuang and Janine Chang.

Ho’s wife, Peggy Lin, currently runs the spa business.

At its peak, the spa’s clients include celebrities, businessmen and politicians, and even foreigners registered as members. It is said to have an average monthly turnover of over NT $ 800,000 (S $ 38,000), according to Taiwan’s United Daily News.

The spa was initially not affected much at the start of the virus outbreak, but business began to decline as strict containment measures took effect.

Ms. Lin told the newspaper, “Many of our customers are businessmen from mainland China, Japan, Hong Kong and the United States. The company was hit hard when Taiwan banned entry to more. of country.”

She added that the social distancing measures implemented by the government have had an additional impact on the company, with clients and beauticians concerned about their safety. Business plunged more than 50 percent as more customers stayed at home.

Although the owner offered to reduce the rental, she and Ho made the painful decision to close the spa because it was not known how long the pandemic would last.

Ms. Lin said they have started notifying their members of the impending shutdown, and have also posted the notice on her website and social media pages.

When asked if she and Ho plan to have children after the spa closes, she expressed concerns about having children during the pandemic.

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