Local honey company reuses old Easton High School building – Leavenworth Times

Hillside Honey Apiary is a veteran-owned bee farm located in the former Easton High School at 513 Dawson Street in Easton. They sell raw unfiltered honey, infused and creamed honey, and many other natural skincare products and gifts. Beekeeping tours, collecting bee swarms, mentoring, local produce and farm fresh eggs are also available.

Owners Ty and Shelley Martin are both history graduates and have spent 20 years traveling with the military. Ty retired in 2013 and bought the building from friends who moved out.

“We bought the old high school building here in Easton in 2013 and have been slowly renovating it ever since,” Shelley said. “We both have a passion for history and loved the idea of ​​revitalizing the old school.”

The building was constructed in 1921 and is owned by the Town of Easton. The gymnasium was built around 1941 and the administrative offices were added in the 1970s.

The couple encountered many problems with the renovation, including the added expense of roof replacement, boiler work and other projects, but persevered with the dream of starting a local bee farm and revitalizing the building. historical.

The renovation includes a commercial kitchen where Shelley Martin makes candles and her own skincare line with honey sourced directly from local beehives. The bee farm also includes a greenhouse, picnic area and flower picking farm.

“We hope to continue to develop our flower farm and will have elderberry plants in the next two years or so. We would also like to offer pumpkins, okras and watermelons, although this year has not been a good year for crops. We have fun activities for kids, flower food stations, water, shears and bubbles,” Martin said.

The farm is almost entirely run by the Martin family, although they have a few friends and interns who help out. Martin’s daughter is also working on her horticulture degree and plans for tours to be offeredto use his skills on the farm in the future.

“We offer tours for kids that include bee costumes of every shape and size imaginable. They learn apiarology, go to a beehive, find the queen and hold a frame of bees, which makes for a great selfie moment. We offer badges for scout troops and can even add a candle making part where they make a beeswax candle,” Martin said.

Tours are offered on Saturdays and occasionally Fridays in the fall and spring. Participants should book their tour in advance as it fills up quickly. Hillside Honey is already booking tours for next spring. They have a state and USDA certified kitchen so they can sell nationwide and on Etsy.

“We also provide pollination services for local orchards and farms and sell honey candles, skincare and anything else you can imagine,” Martin said. “We have infused honeys and 16 flavors of creamed honey, honey sticks, ice cream, barbecue honey, ice cream toppings, freeze dried fruit, wax skin care bee, face and hand creams and our most popular item, insect repellent which is a creation of mine and also helps with poison ivy.

Hillside Honey is available at the on-site farm store, Leavenworth Farmer’s Market and online at www.hillsidehoney.com.