Loans with promissory notes: how to get money right away

Credit reputation is a fundamental element in order to be able to obtain financing with a certain fluidity or ease, so those who are protested are faced with both the limitations provided for by the protest legislation and the banks’ reluctance, unwilling to make loans to those who have not proven reliable in the recent past or not.

Among the few alternatives that exist to overcome both limitations, for self-employed workers, fixed-term employees and, in general, for those who cannot be included in the assignment of the fifth, there are loans with promissory notes, or assisted by a guarantee that also amply compensates for the fact that the already ‘reported’ could be repeat offenders.


Who can grant them?

Both banks and companies specializing in credit, as well as private individuals, can make loans with bills, even to protestors. The only limitation concerns private individuals, for whom loans must be of an occasional and non-continuous nature (without prejudice to the limits imposed for compliance with the usury rate threshold).


Where to look for them?

Where to look for them?

If there is availability with family or friends, bills represent a fairly easy solution to implement. Otherwise you have to ask your bank, if it provides this form of loan, or inquire about the banks and companies that provide them (certainly in large cities like Rome and Milan the search is much simpler).

The last alternative is found with those companies that advertise this type of financing, very easy to find on the internet. Obviously some are serious, and they keep what they promise, but prudence is never too much, so you must always check that it is a regular company authorized to provide loans, and therefore subject to controls. Above all, you should not give in to the temptation to pay the cost of subscribing to the service, and then you will not get to anything done (a scam widely used on the web).


Loans with promissory note for shopping

Loans with promissory note for shopping

If the loan is used to buy an asset, and one has protested, the way of the financed loans is also difficult to follow. This does not mean that an agreement can not be found with the seller who, instead of proceeding with the sale with finance, can do so with a loan changed, with a number of installments appropriate to the achievement of an installment repayable by the buyer.


Not only with bills

loan payment

There is always a last alternative that is often overlooked, because there are not many banks that offer it: the lien. This type of financing does not take into consideration the applicant’s reputation, focusing only on the good given as collateral.