How to Use PrimeXBT Leveraged Trading Solutions in a Falling Market

If you check the current status of crypto investors, they will tell you that the sky is falling and they are in a state of panic. Meanwhile, traders who rely on leveraged trading solutions from PrimeXBT during a falling market are profitable and have a well-positioned portfolio designed to withstand the coming macroeconomic environment.

Here’s how you can also use the powerful tools provided by the award-winning PrimeXBT margin trading platform to stay profitable, protect capital and build a diversified portfolio.

All about PrimeXBT leveraged trading solutions

In most situations, the public can buy and hold assets as a form of investment. More advanced forms of investing, such as derivatives trading, are kept off limits to the general public. Over the past few years, the borderless world of cryptocurrencies has allowed investors and traders to embrace tools once reserved for the Wall Street elite.

Margin trading allows traders with more experience and skill to take advantage of both market directions using long and short positions, rather than just sitting in cash and waiting for the trend to turn positive again. Platforms such as PrimeXBT also allow cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, and COV to be used as account collateral to open leveraged positions.

Leveraged trading positions are the key to profiting during falling markets. Leverage allows traders to take positions much larger than capital would otherwise allow, magnifying the potential for positive returns. Drawdowns are also magnified, so proper risk action such as setting a stop-loss order or getting the right entry is a must. PrimeXBT provides all the tools that allow you to trade with leverage in complete safety.

The risk of missing returns

Using Bitcoin as an example, buying BTC at $20,000 and holding it could have resulted in a return of $40,000 if the investor had sold it at $60,000 per coin, for a maximum return of $40,000. A long trade using PrimeXBT would have resulted in a return of up to $8 million at the platform’s 200x maximum.

Recently, Bitcoin fell back to $20,000. Investors who sold at $60,000 have an additional profit of $40,000 and can now buy 3 BTC. Shorting BTC at $20,000 instead of $60,000 could have resulted in an additional $8 million return, while someone in cash has to wait for Bitcoin to rise again in value to make any kind of return.

Now imagine a scenario where the investor was convinced that Bitcoin would reach $100,000 and did not want to enter into a long trade. They could now be locked in for up to $20,000 and earn zero dollars in the process. With PrimeXBT, even if you were long BTCUSD and expected prices of $100,000 when the market started to turn bearish, the trader could open a short hedge and keep both positions profitable. Although the long is ultimately worthless or loses unrealized gains, the hedge short could have kept the trader profitable and protected their capital. This is the true power of PrimeXBT’s leveraged trading solutions.

Reduce portfolio risk with uncorrelated markets

PrimeXBT is also one of the few platforms in the market that offers so many different trading instruments under one roof. Over 100 trading pairs are available across forex, crypto, stock indices and goodsallowing users ultimate control over their wallets.

All of today’s most volatile and popular markets are here, accessible from a single trading account. Whether it’s gold, the S&P 500, oil, or forex, investors and traders have a lot to consider outside of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

As crypto investors have learned the hard way, a crypto-heavy portfolio bleeds out all of a sudden. Loading positions in uncorrelated or anti-correlated markets is a great way to reduce risk across a portfolio. These advanced strategies are only possible by using an all-in-one solution like PrimeXBT. A wallet can be managed from anywhere in the world using the free smartphone app for Android and iOS devices.

Proven performance exists with Covesting Copy Trading

Do you want proof that such performances exist? Look no further than the Covesting copy trading module, available exclusively from PrimeXBT. The copy trading community connects followers with strategy managers who rank highly in the fully transparent global ranking system. Subscribers can copy trades from more experienced strategy managers whose performance is tracked publicly for all to see. Today’s top-ranked traders boast up to 5,000%+ return on investment.

Co-vesting copy trading allows unskilled traders to remain exposed to the opportunities presented by the historic volatility of today’s global market while limiting the losses associated with extreme price swings. Strategy makers do the heavy lifting, earning money for subscribers with every winning trade. Followers must manage their portfolio of strategies like any trading position and have stop-loss tools and more to limit maximum drawdowns and keep profits high.

PrimeXBT also includes Covesting Yield Accounts, which provide investors with access to top DeFi protocols to earn a variable APY interest rate by staking idle crypto assets. Up to 14% APY is possible during peak market conditions. COV token memberships can activate up to 2x APY boost as well as various perks in the copy trading module.

Take advantage of falling markets and protect your capital with PrimeXBT

If you’re looking for performance during a bear market, crypto winter, or just a short-term down market, PrimeXBT provides all the advanced trading tactics needed to stay profitable and protect capital, regardless of current market conditions. With many other ways to earn income passively with Covesting or through the company’s rewards and referral systems, PrimeXBT maintains capital growth at all times.

From start to finish, a user can make a deposit or buy crypto, load a Margin or Covesting account and start earning. Sign up for a free PrimeXBT account today and never again let a falling market crush your capital or limit your profit potential.