MADRID: Eurozone inflation will come down next year, even if it’s slower than previously thought, suggesting that the conditions for an interest rate hike in 2022, which markets have anticipated for October, will not be met, European Central Bank policymakers said on Friday. With annual inflation at a 13-year highRead More →

He said businesses are finding it more difficult to obtain loans and are more cautious in the face of economic uncertainty related to the COVID-19 pandemic. “What we have also seen in the corporate sector is two things. First, it has been more difficult for companies to extract money fromRead More →

The coronavirus pandemic has affected many businesses, and those run by celebrities are not spared either. Taiwanese actor-director Peter Ho will close his spa at the end of June due to a huge drop in guest numbers. Ho, 44, opened Hydro Mode, which offers facials and massages, to great fanfareRead More →