A new wave of westerly waves brings a drop in temperature – Pakistan

LAHORE: A fresh wave of westerly waves caused the temperature to drop by 4 degrees Celsius on Monday and Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) sources predicted continuation of this trend until May 18, followed by another increase until the end of May.

There was a reduction in weather intensity amid the cloud impact brought by the westerly waves and the maximum temperature dropped to 40°C from 44°C previously.

PMD sources said the wind would continue to blow at considerable speed during the early morning hours, making the ambient temperature bearable. However, they have made it clear that there will still be no pleasant relief for citizens as the daytime temperature will turn into an oven soon after the impact of the current westerly wave period is over next Wednesday. .

Before the westerly waves, they said, there was a short period of northwesterly winds which improved the level of humidity in the air. It was followed by the new wave of westerly waves early Monday.

According to the sources, the temperature would rise yet another degree Celsius on May 24 as the high side of the bar is expected to touch 47C after the southeast Indian Rajasthan wind kicks into full swing. Even, they said, there is no chance of a dust storm throughout May this year.

The sources further pointed out that the whole region has a hot aspect and even the hilly areas have become hot with the rise in temperature. “We are witnessing similar weather conditions from Rahim Yar Khan district to hilly areas,” they added.

However, they said, the positive side of the situation is an improvement in the water flow in the rivers which would relieve farmers when it comes to irrigating their crops. At present, they said, some 200,000 cusecs of water are being logged in the rivers and dams, which is expected to hit 300,000 cusecs around May 20.

It can be noted that the maximum temperatures have been rising for a week. Sunday turned out to be the hottest day of the season so far.

Meanwhile, health experts have advised citizens to avoid heat waves, which lead to health problems like gastro and sunburn. Dr. Tahir Zaman from General Hospital told this scribe that a few deaths have also been recorded among gastro patients this year.

Thus, the Secours 1122 service has set up awareness camps at some 62 points in the city, raising awareness among the general public of the ways and means of protecting themselves from the heat wave. These camps provide emergency medical aid to heat wave patients in addition to getting them to hospitals at the earliest.

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